I am Claudine, (that’s me at the top, and with my son Dylan) and I concentrate on capturing your story. I will cover your wedding, portrait or event unobtrusively, taking reportage and photojournalistic style photographs, shooting continuously, paying close attention to every detail and capturing each moment as it happens.
I’m in love with love, and its apparent after shooting for over 10 years that I cant get enough of seeing a couple promise to be together forever, or a new baby, or a family celebrate their lives together.

Choosing your wedding photographer is really important. Its not just about the albums and books- every photographer should be able to provide you with these. Its about the investment of time I commit to your day emotionally, creatively and how well we get on.  I’m looking to shoot weddings for people who want someone creative, someone who understands the human condition and love. I don’t just see your father walking you down the aisle. I see a man who saw you born, who helped you ride your bike. The man who carried you on his shoulders and picked you up when you grazed your knee. This is the man who is handing you over to your beloved, and my images will capture this in him. In you. This is what I see through my camera lens. Not just information that you can print later, but emotion and life. When you and your new spouse walk together and talk together, Ill be there to quietly capture the emotions of your first conversation as man and wife.

I studied in New York, over 10 years ago developing black and white film in the dark room and loving the magical process. I have since embraced the digital age although am still in love with film.  I am at my most relaxed when taking images and I’ve been told that I have a calming ability; that I go about what I’m doing unobtrusively and with professional grace.
I don’t know what happened and how I came to shoot weddings but I haven’t stopped in 10 years so maybe I have a lifelong project on my hands. I love to photograph people in love. I spend a lot of the year in the UK shooting weddings and other commercial work and then a few months of the season in the USA and Europe too so catch me if you can.

The lady on the bottom left in the picture is Tash,  My assistant and we met about 6 years ago when she was working with me at my studio helping me with bookings and clients. She then started working alongside me at weddings 4 years ago and now shes the second shooter, covering different angles and aspects of the wedding. Her images are fantastic and they sit alongside mine seamlessly.
Heres a few of my favourite things.. The aisle seat, vintage lamps, a tall green tea, cushions (I have far too many), the sun on my face, red wine, blankets (they go with my cushions), Sunday Observer magazine, rhubarb and custard sweets, being awake on a plane when everyone else is asleep, love, The Coen Brothers.
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