Amy and Jon’s wedding photography in the Sussex countryside

I knew this wedding would be an amazing one. Being asked to shoot Amy and Jons wedding day was a pleasure right from the start. Having briefly met them during social gatherings via one of my best friends and then again at our official meeting in a local bar in Hove, it was clear to me that these two were the stuff that wedding dreams are made of. Amy originally from Canada and Jon from here, they met at the school they worked at and fell in love, knowing that their future was going to be together from the start. Jon, an unassuming British gent and Amy, outgoing and vibrant, they truly are the perfect match, adding qualities to each other and a pleasure to be in company with.

The Anchor Inn in Barcombe near Lewes was the venue, so perfectly British and rustic, somewhere I know well (!) Amy getting ready in the chalet in the grounds with the great Emma and Anastasia from Bespoke Belle doing hair and make up, the day unfolded organically and perfectly for these two, friends and family supportive and adding so much love to the day. Amy meeting her best girls in the bar for a pint was hilarious and shooting their portraits in the fields opposite was lovely, the both of them concentrating on each other and enjoying some time alone together.

Amy sang a song for Jon (amazing voice!) and we all cried during Jon’s speech, and the day was perfectly rounded up with everyone dancing the night away.

You two, such a pleasure to shoot your wedding photography, you are both such lovely people and so sweet together. Ill see you soon I’m sure and we can raise a glass to your perfect day. x



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Charlotte and Seans wedding in Sussex

Lovely Charlotte and Sean celebrated their day in Sussex at the gorgeous Farbridge venue near Chichester, Charlotte getting ready with her best girls – the sun shining, the door open with the breeze running through and the sky perfectly blue.

The boys getting ready a few doors away were enjoying the getting ready process with lots of cheeky laughs and a lot of hair wax.. Meeting these two together a month or so back to shoot their engagement photographs was a real eye opener.. The two of them such good friends and so obviously in love- I expected the camera to turn them shy but it just made them flirt with each other and enjoy each other more. Sean softening and enjoying what he expected to be nervous of.

Watching Charlotte walking down the aisle was something special; unassuming, somewhat shy and now with her dress on,  a renewed confidence and beauty shone through her. Sean, the tough one, reduced to tears.

Proving that family and friends can all party together, they ended the night with a Stick in on DJ-off with both bride and groom and parents enjoying the decks.

You two are hilarious and good luck forever because I know it will be.


Charlotte and Seans wedding in Sussex

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Sussex Wedding Photography: Frankie and Davids photography at Brympton House

I love shooting weddings at Brympton house in Yeovil. Its such a pleasure and every time I am doing the photography  there, the sun is out and the sky is blue. Perfection. Frances and Davids day was no different. People say to me that I must get fed up with weddings. My answer is always this: Every wedding is different. Even if its at the same venue I have shot at a million times. Every bride is different and Frances was a pleasure to photograph. So calm, so collected and happy on her day. No stress- Just the kind of wedding we like.

The dress, the hair, the details, the whole combination was a lovely mix of traditional and vintage. Its all the little details thats makes the photography so much lovelier to do.

Under the Chuppah in the little chapel they said their vows, in the vast garden and grounds they greeted their guests and drank champagne and along the lane I photographed them chatting and laughing together.

Lots of family and funny speeches, wine and a heap of marshmallows being toasted at the orangery made the day one of my favourite this summer.

Happy life together you two. x


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London Wedding Photographer: Emanuela and Steven..A stunning wedding at Woburn Abbey

As a wedding photographer in London, usually I talk about the couple, telling people who read my blog what these two were like and how their wedding unfolded. But YOU two…I have to talk TO you. Emanuela and Steven. What can I say? What a pleasure to shoot your heart warming wedding day and share in all those really intimate moments that I feel really privileged to have captured.  Seeing your Canadian family join you and celebrate with you was amazing. Being your wedding photographer was not just about shooting the wedding but also making sure you were comfortable with having someone there whom you felt fit into your day and I’m hoping we did.

Working with you has been nothing short of a breath of fresh air. From the moment we met, Emanuela, I knew that you were such an emotional, sensitive woman, and on your day this showed. I’m really lucky to have witnessed this. Your families welcomed us with open arms and not only showed love for you, but appreciation of everything you’d planned and organised.

Your guests sat and eagerly anticipated your vows in  your local church at Woburn and I  even welled up with the the gravity of your ceremony. Arriving at Woburn Abbey for the reception was spectacular. What a beautiful venue to pick and how lovely were those little touches of flowers and games on the grass and table settings….Taking your portraits was a treat against the backdrop of such a great place.

Your dress, the suit, your perfume (and why you wore that brand), the flowers; everything meant something really special and not just because of the way it looked, but because you so carefully chose and thoughtfully picked for your day.

It really was a pleasure. Emanuela you looked stunning and Steve, so dapper. I hope you enjoy your photographs in years to come because you’ll definitely be growing old together. I can tell. x

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Your Brighton wedding photography- The moments in between…

So. Before I get lost in a whirlwind of Summer weddings and developing and albums, I wanted to share some thoughts about Moments. I’m always striving to create a storybook effect from weddings that I shoot. Shooting and catching bits that are not expected, noticing the moments in between.

photographing Brighton weddings, to me isn’t just about filling up my summer and sitting at my desk, its about making sure that my clients have a record of their day. Not just the formal shots and the “traditional” images that have been taken at weddings for years and years, but an archive of images that they can look back on to reflect on their day and their love for each other in that moment. It’s almost become a project for me. I’m fascinated by the plans we make to spend the rest of our lives together, for better or worse. I hear the vows over and over week after week. Why do I not get bored? Why do we still have a tear in my eye? Because I’m in love with this process and that’s why I do it. Wedding photography isn’t a quick and easy way to make money. (Budding amateurs beware!) You cant just go and buy yourself a camera , fill it with memory and snap away until you get something you like. Thats called winging it!  I shoot carefully, considerately, picking my shots, making sure that I’m capturing moments. The important ones that we expect and the moments in between.

Wedding photographs should reflect a moment in your life that you said something and meant it. Whatever happens from this moment on- you still had this day. You made a decision to be together and having photographs to capture that is pretty important.


Here’s some of my favourite moments…

From Left to right:

1. Amy seeing her Dad for this first time that morning…(lump in throat)

2. Claire and Matt. These two- seriously perfect for one another. Always laughing.

3. Jason’s Best man. His ears and his speech. Bloody hilarious.

4. Charlotte and her lovely new husband.. SO cute in Richmond Park

5. Another Charlotte, Regents Park walk.

6. Penny and Russell at her parents home. Always grinning…

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